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PAGOSA SPRINGS, COLORADP, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2024 / — If anyone were in an advantageous position to help people get un-stuck, take a step, recover from trauma and explore a new path, it would be Juliette Watt. She has reinvented herself many times, working as a cabaret singer, a scriptwriter for soap operas, a stunt rider, a casino dealer and a pilot for rescue animals. She was born in London and later lived in Turkey. These days she is a premier coach who helps people explore, heal, overcome stress or anxiety and move forward with greater happiness.

Juliette notes that she herself suffered from the fallout of what is known as compassion fatigue—when you give too much of yourself to care for someone else, neglect yourself, and end up in a bad state. Juliette says she did this with her own mother, who was mentally ill but never talked about it or sought out real treatment. Mother went into a deeper decline after Juliette’s dad died. She looked at her 10-year-old daughter and said, so, what are we going to do now?

“I had to take care of her and her survival. I had to be her lifeline when I should have been her loved one.”

This put a big strain on Juliette, but also shaped her career aspirations, for mother lived through Juliette and her many accomplishments. That included when she went to work at the Playboy Club, using a forged birth certificate, because she was truly only 16.

Juliette put much of her early life and struggles into a memoir called In Between the Magic: My Life from The Playboy Club to Beirut and Beyond.. The book is an in-depth look at her efforts to find a home, have enough food, and keep going. It is also a guidebook for anyone who is stuck parenting a parent and striving for their self-preservation. It will trigger a range of emotions in readers, and is available as both a print, eBook and audio book.

In addition to being a gifted singer and writer, Juliette is a speaker, a coach and someone who helps others in every way, including discovering their next act once they reach a certain age. One of the first steps in coaching is letting people know how frightening change can be, but that it is so worth it to take that risk! Together, they plan a strategy for what your life should truly be.

Juliette is now in what she calls the last quarter of life and yet she refuses to stop achieving. She is still a warrior, bouncing back from a recent knee surgery (and a previous year’s hip replacement) and nearly ready to ride her horses in competitions again. She stays positive, and brave, rejects the idea of ever being miserable again. She recently did a TEDx on the Compassion Fatigue subject, and it has been viewed about 300,000 times. By appearing on this radio show, she hopes to get her message out to even more people and acquire further coaching clients who embrace her perspective on living life to the fullest while managing anxiety and stress.

Juliette is on a mission, She wants to make a massive impact and help people create the life of their dreams through one-to-one coaching, speaking and workshops. She helps them develop greater self-worth, resiliency and coping skills and empowers them for joyful living. Listen to the show to get a taste of her masterful ways.

Close Up Radio will feature former celebrity and now coach Juliette Watt in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday May 22 at 12:00 noon EDT

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