Celebrating Africa’s Rising Stars: Stories of Innovation and Resilience from AMAKA Studio’s Creators

Discover Kuukua Eshun: Ghanaian filmmaker and advocate for social justice.

Her impactful performances and innovative projects transcend borders, captivating audiences worldwid

Meet Wana Udobang: Nigerian writer, poet, and storyteller extraordinaire.

Jacob is elevating brands and fostering community connections with his unique cultural perspective

Meet Jacob Nicholas: New York stylist and content creator

Inspiring Tales of Creativity and Impact in Africa’s Emerging Landscape

These creators embody Africa’s rising stars, inspiring with their dedication to positive change. Honored to have them on our platform.”

— Adaora Oramah, CEO and Founder of AMAKA Studio

LAGOS, NIGERIA, May 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Africa is a continent brimming with potential and creativity. As we approach Africa Day, AMAKA Studio, a rapidly growing Pan-African tech startup revolutionizing the gig economy and creator landscape, celebrates the stories of some three of their young creators driving positive change and innovation across the continent.

Wana Udobang: A Voice for Change Through Art and Storytelling

Wana Udobang is a multi-talented Nigerian writer, poet, performer, curator, and storyteller whose work transcends boundaries and cultures. Her spoken word albums—Dirty Laundry, In Memory of Forgetting, and Transcendence—explore deeply personal and universal themes, captivating audiences across Africa, Europe, and the US with her powerful performances.

Beyond performance, Wana curates thought-provoking projects such as Strip and Who We Are When The Glory Is Gone for Rele Gallery. Her video series Reclaiming the Tongue delves into history and memory through the lens of food, while her Comfort Food workshop uses culinary memories to forge new narratives.

Wana’s collaboration with AMAKA Studio has been equally impactful. As a mentor in AMAKA’s Cohort program, she nurtures budding creatives, helping them hone their craft. Her participation in the Global Career Company campaign not only surpassed the brand’s targets by 200% but also showcased the benefits of using creator marketing for brands.

Kuukua Eshun: Filmmaking for Social Justice and Mental Health

Kuukua Eshun is a Ghanaian filmmaker and advocate for social justice and mental health. Through her company Filming as Woman, she champions gender equality and uses her art to spotlight critical issues. Her collaboration with UNFPA Ghana underscores her commitment to creating meaningful impact through storytelling.

Kuukua’s partnership with AMAKA Studio includes mentorship and education in the AMAKA Cohort program, where she shares her filmmaking expertise, inspiring a new generation of creators. Her participation in AMAKA’s ongoing Webinar Series, How To Monetize as A Content Creator, continues to empower creators with strategies to turn their talents into profitable ventures.

Jacob Nicholas: Styling and Storytelling for Community and Culture

Jacob Nicholas, known as @Yacobknowsbest online, is a New York stylist, content creator, and creative director who excels at elevating emerging brands and fostering community connections. With a background in online storytelling and personalized styling, Jacob’s work reflects his unique cultural influences and journey.

Holding a degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Jacob brings a fresh and diverse perspective to his creative projects. His collaboration with AMAKA Studio includes participating in events and campaigns like the AMAKA Roadshow in New York. His involvement in the AMAKA Gigs Directory enables brands to commission his creative expertise, further expanding his reach and influence.

Jacob’s innovative approach to styling and content creation promotes diversity and builds strong community connections. His ability to weave narratives that resonate with diverse audiences makes him a key figure in the landscape of African creativity and innovation.

Adaora Oramah, CEO and Founder of AMAKA Studio, says, ‘These creators embody the spirit of Africa’s rising stars. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to driving positive change serve as an inspiration to many, and I am honored that they are part of our platform.’

As we celebrate Africa Day, AMAKA is proud to highlight these remarkable contributions and the boundless potential of African creativity.

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