New Living Expo returns for its second year in San Rafael, CA, after long runs in San Francisco and San Mateo.

The Globe Institute’s David Gibson says sound healing is increasingly effective in treating issues as varied as stress to relief of cancer symptoms.

Grammy-nominated composer and musician Steven Halpern is a nationally prominent leader in the Sound Healing Movement.

The Globe Institute’s David Gibson & Grammy-nominated composer Steven Halpern to present

SAN RAFAEL, CA, USA, April 18, 2024 / — New Living Expo ( has been showcasing cutting edge holistic and natural health options for decades, and offers the easiest way to for the public to explore options like sound healing for the first time, or to connect with practitioners they already know and have worked with.

Sound healing is an ancient wellness practice for healing, relaxation, and self-care. A sound healing session usually involves lying down in a cozy and comfortable setting, closing your eyes, and focusing on sounds made by music instruments like chimes, gongs, and “singing” Tibetan bowls. It has evolved (as studied by the science of Cymatics) to include hi tech devices that are coded to vibrational sequences specific to a wide variety of pain, stress and disease issues.

“The primary goal for me with participation in New Living Expo is to expand awareness of the field with both the public and share ideas and new information within the niche field of sound healing and therapy,” says David Gibson, one of the best-known sound healing practitioners and teachers in the Bay Area and a presenter at the Expo this weekend. “We work to foster communication and collaboration between attendees, sound practitioners, researchers and institutions in addition to building bridges with the mainstream medical community.”

Gibson, who is the Director of The Globe Institute in San Francisco and the producer of his own specialized conference ( on the subject, points out that many benefits of sound healing are supported by scientific research. For example, a study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine in 2016 found that an hour of sound therapy reduced tension, anger, fatigue and depressed mood in participants (

Gibson says that specific modalities in vibration and sound have proven effective for working on specific issues including chronic pain, disease, ADD/ADHD, autism, PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief, dementia, brain injuries, schizophrenia, and cancer.

Grammy-nominated recording artist, author and sound healing expert Steven Halpern ( is another longtime participant who is presenting this year, and who comes at the sound niche from the point of view of a musician, performer, and composer. The Los Angeles Times acknowledged Halpern as “a founding father of New Age music” who launched a “quiet revolution” in modern instrumental music that focused more on creating harmony, coherence and balance rather than as mere entertainment.

“What’s great about events like New Living is that for many I encounter at the show, this might be their first real exposure to sound healing as a medium for better wellness,” says Halpern. “We have a real chance to introduce this to people and have a really positive impact on their lives.”

His landmark brainwave biofeedback studies beginning 50 years ago demonstrated the ability of his music to create effortless brainwave balancing and integration of body, mind and spirit, just by listening at home or at the office. Halpern says listeners report positive outcomes for stress reduction, sleep deficiency, ADD/ADHD, meditation and psychedelic assisted therapy with a trained therapist.

“When the first (Whole Life) expos began back in 1978, I was the first sound healer to present information about the healing potential of sound and music,” Halpern remembers. “Back then, mainstream media and the general public did not understand what brainwaves, human energy fields, and chakras were, much less why they were important for our optimal health; now millions more know. My presentation at New Living this year will give attendees specific coaching and strategies to choose and use healing music, as well as simple ways
to evaluate the effectiveness of their choice for themselves.”

To find out more about the presentations by Gibson, Halpern and other sound healing experts, go to New Living Expo also features DIY panels, 120+ special exhibits, Yoga classes, QiGong demos, Outdoor Music Stage, and natural food sampling and dining in the Outdoor Food Pavilion.

For more information on all aspects of the event schedule and tickets, go to, or call 415-382-8300.

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