Sneak Out – A New Free Multiplayer PC Game of Mischief and Fun

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Sneak Out – A New Free Multiplayer PC Game of Mischief and Fun!

WARSAW, MAZOWOWIECKIE, POLAND, May 31, 2024 / — Sneak Out is here,
Sneak Out, a thrilling new multiplayer, free to play PC game where mischief reigns supreme! Developed by Kinguin, this game launches on 6 June, and dive into a world of playful chaos inside the Haunted Castle.

What is Sneak Out?

Sneak Out is the end result of mixing the concepts of Among US, Dead By Daylight and Fall Guys. Six players at once can engage in delightful mayhem online. Each participant is given an option to play as the Hunter or the Hider, and even continue the fun after death as a Ghost. Each match guarantees fun and excitement.


Sneak Out is a multiplayer game where chaos and mischief take the lead in an exciting, animated hide and seek format. It allows up to six players to engage in a game full of pranks, strategy, and fun within the confines of a mysteriously Haunted Castle. This game is designed to bring back the nostalgia of childhood games but with a twist that ensures no two games are the same.

Game Setting:

Players find themselves in a vast, eerie Haunted Castle filled with hidden nooks, expansive grounds, and mysterious objects. The game’s setting is designed to support the dynamic interaction between the Hunter, the Hiders, and the Ghosts with multiple interactive elements and hideouts.

Core Loop:

1 Player is randomly selected to become the Hunter. Their role is to stop the Hiders from escaping the castle. The remaining players must work together to complete simple tasks on the map to collect a total of points that will open the portal to escape. After opening one of two portals, the players must escape through it before the Hunter catches and kills them. After death, a player continues playing as a Ghost, opening a new dimension of gameplay in the underworld.

Key Features:

Multiplayer Chaos: Up to six players can participate in each round, with one randomly chosen as the Hunter and the others as Hiders.

Roles: 1 Player becomes the Hunter and must hunt the Hiders. The remaining play as Hiders but can turn into Ghosts upon being killed. Ghosts can still participate by haunting the Hunter and aiding their friends.

Customizable Characters: Players can customise their characters using in-game currency earned by completing tasks. Customizations include costumes, accessories, and more.

Lobby: The lobby, which doubles as the player’s village, separate from the main gameplay. Here, players can invite others to wait for the next game while engaging in activities such as dancing and playing soccer, with future updates planned to include even more activities.

Dynamic Gameplay:

Hunter: Tasked with finding and capturing the Hiders using unique abilities tailored to their chosen monster persona, such as the Reaper or the Scarecrow.

Hider: Must evade the Hunter, complete tasks, and use items like magic brooms or banana peels to aid their escape or hinder the Hunter.

Ghost: Haunt the playing field by using their abilities to slow down the Hunter or assist other Hiders.

Environment Interactions: Use the surroundings to your advantage by hiding in lockers, behind curtains, or even disguising as part of the décor to evade the Hunter.

Social Hub: A space to connect with friends, plan game strategies, and interact with other players in a social, fun setting.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 | AMD Phenom II X4 965

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7750 | NVIDIA Geforce GTX 260

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 2 GB available space

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