Submerged Submarine firing a Fish – a Torpedo

Sub Vets are the Silent Service. We have captured their stories for posterity – before they are lost forever. y.

Find out what its really like to ride on a submarine – stories from 1900 onward

Unique site with over 3,000 true stories – historical events little known – and narratives written by sub vets themselves

When we started, we thought we’d sell 50 books. Now 19,000 books later, and 10,000 Followers on our Facebook page, we have and are capturing true sub sailor stories – before they are lost forever”

— Charle Hood

NASHUA, NH, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2024 / — The Poopie Suits series of books chronicling many true, unclassified stories from the long and rich history of the US Submarine Force ( announces that their Facebook page ( just recently surpassed 10,000 followers.

Started by two brothers, Charles and Frank Hood, with Frank himself a submarine veteran, the duo has produced eight books. The first three are also available in audiobook format with additional titles in production. Altogether, the Hoods have sold over 19,000 books.

With Charles as the principal author and Frank as the marketing director, the pair began their venture in January 2018 and have since consistently grown their self-publishing business with virtually no budget.

Along the way, the Hoods have donated $52,000 to the Scholarship Fund of the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. and have traveled to speak to many groups from Groton, CT to Laughlin, NV, and many places in between.

The books have received many accolades such as inclusion in the Top 100 on Amazon in the Cold War Submarine genre category. Two of the books have appeared in the Top 25 of the Best Submarine Books of All Time by The Book Authority for several years.

Each title is written in clear and compelling language to appeal to a wide reader base. Even a complete submarine novice will understand what’s happening with mechanical systems, normal operations, crew training, and much more—even some of the best pranks carried out at sea and while on shore!

Altogether, the eight books comprise a unique, non-fictional history of the men, and now women, who volunteer to man these predators of the deep. A ninth book, “Sub Tales 5,” is in production now.


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