Boss Chicks Empire Unveils SETC Tax Credit Opportunity for 1099 Filers in Entrepreneurship

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Tax Credit for Entrepreneurs

Tax Credit for Entrepreneurs

Boss Chicks Empire Revolutionizes Entrepreneurial Finance with the Launch of the SETC Tax Credit

UNITED STATES, December 20, 2023 / — Boss Chicks Empire, led by the visionary Serial Mompreneur Carli B. Shabazz, is excited to announce an opportunity for self-employed individuals to legally receive cash refunds through the Self-Employment Tax Credit (SETC). This strategic initiative comes as a shift for entrepreneurs seeking financial relief, with this credit allowing qualified self-employed workers to recover up to $32,220 for the tax years 2020 and 2021.

About the Tax Credit:
The Tax Credit is designed to provide financial assistance to self-employed individuals, including freelancers, independent contractors, and sole proprietors, who have faced income loss due to the impact of COVID-19. Through this credit, eligible individuals can access a cash refund, offering a crucial financial lifeline during challenging times.

Eligibility and COVID-19-Related Qualifications:
To qualify for the Tax Credit, individuals must have experienced COVID-19-related circumstances that resulted in an inability to work or the need to care for a family member during the eligible periods. This includes instances of contracting COVID-19, caring for someone with COVID-19, or undergoing quarantine due to exposure to the virus.

Carli B. Shabazz shared her enthusiasm, stating, “I’m ALWAYS trying to help entrepreneurs get to the bag. This Tax Credit provides a legal avenue for cash refunds that can make a significant impact on businesses financial well-being.”

Key Features of the Tax Credit Application:

Free to Apply
Refund Amount Given within 72 Hours
5-Year Audit Assistance

How to Apply:
Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals can easily apply for the Tax Credit by clicking here:
Apply Now

The application process is straightforward, and eligible individuals can expect their refund amounts revealed within 72 hours.

Carli B. Shabazz, (Boss Chicks Empire Visionary) encourages entrepreneurs to explore this opportunity, stating, “See how easy it is to secure your cash refund.”

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$32,200 Tax Credit

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