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TOMAH, WISCONSIN, USA, October 18, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Dead Shall Teach the Living: A Mystery, Ravi Mathew’s newest book, takes readers on an exciting trip in a world where the past and present clash. This captivating narrative combines history, intrigue, and a hint of the paranormal to make for an enthralling reading experience.

Through this book, RM Kureekattil tells a gripping mystery, hilarious humor, thrilling action, and dramatic story in which the protagonist battles morality, culture shock, and loneliness. While doing so, the main couple demonstrates the greatest resiliency, fortitude, and intelligence to solve a mystery and protect the neighborhood from severe danger.

One aspect of his book is that many of the chapters begin with a proverb, typically in Malayalam. In the same chapter, the proverb’s meaning is explained.

Young Indian physician Raj arrives in an outback Australian town to work on obtaining a western postgraduate medical degree. His wife, a physician herself, is in Adelaide pursuing further studies. A well-known but extremely eccentric old pathologist, Raj’s boss also works with some peculiar techs. Raj and his employer are initially good friends, but for some strange reason, their friendship soon deteriorates.

Raj suffers a terrible misfortune, but no one accepts his account of what took place.

Vidya, Raj’s wife, wants to return to India, but he persuades her to stay with him so that she can watch his back as he investigates the mystery.

Raj is so mired in mystery and loneliness that he adopts the identity of an Australian aboriginal and makes friends with a mountain, whom he misinterprets as an elder, speaking to him for support and advice.

About the Author:

Histopathologist RM Kureekattil, often known by his pen name, is a native of Kerala, India. He resides in Darwin with his wife Valentina, a general practitioner and emergency physician, and maintains a small histopathology lab there. Ravi Mathew is his true name.

An excellent writer, Ravi Mathew is renowned for his skillful storytelling and capacity to carry readers over time and genre. Ravi Mathew writes stories that stick with readers long after the last page because he loves both history and mysteries. “The Dead Shall Teach the Living” is proof of their commitment to writing compelling tales.

Mathew recently participated in a Prime Seven Media Spotlight interview with Logan Crawford and answered questions about his book, ‘The Dead Shall Teach The Living on Spotlight with Logan Crawford ’; (Logan Crawford TV Interview Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GmLemvZx_4&t=52s

If you are interested in buying his book, just visit amazon.com or you may click this link https://www.amazon.com/Dead-Shall-Teach-Living-Mystery-ebook/dp/B076P8VV72

You can get in touch with Ravi Mathew at https://www.facebook.com/thedeadandtheliving He would be happy to engage in conversation with any readers..

You can click on this link to read reviews of his book if you frequently use Goodreads and are interested in learning more.. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37493719

A write up in Malayala Manorama online news (in Malayalam)


Photo of article which came in NT News, local newspaper in Darwin is attached

What inspired you to write this book?

I’ve always wanted to write, so I started preparing for it at a young age by reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. I firmly believe that authors are the forerunners of social change.

While I was studying to become a specialized histopathologist, the concept for this book came to me. The concept is quite unique.

Anything you want to say for your readers?

My next work: I’m working on an epic poem about a princess and her knight lover set in the Middle Ages called “Zandalee and Callum.” In addition to honor and chivalry, the poem also addresses respect, love, and sacrifice. It is written in the classical style. I’m now at 8000 words out of my goal of 60,000.

Community issue:

When Prime Seven Media contacted me for the interview with Mr. Logan Crawford, legendary TV anchor, I was thrilled. I thought it was a great opportunity, to tell the world about my book.

However I thought, I must tell Australians and the world, my own story of how Australians are being shortchanged by the several commissions and politicians, who are supposed to protect them and the media, which should serve as a pillar of democracy.

I myself had been in a situation, where the authorities, tried to kill my career, because of whistleblowing. Not only, they harmed me, but also, because of the actions (and inactions) of the health authorities, at least two women and potentially many others were severely physically (and mentally) harmed.

This was a situation which could have been avoided.

I complained to all avenues in Australia, so that the people who were responsible would be taken to task, but all my attempts were in vain. My actions were not in retribution, but was an attempt to prevent this kind of incidents from happening again, as the people who were responsible continue to be in the same positions as before.

After finding that my complaints to all avenues in Australia were in vain, I approached the Australian media. However, although extensive interviews were given to the Australian media, along with all the evidence, the Australian media also covered up the true story. A story was aired on the network, but it was highly under-reported and hence not honest, in my opinion.

Cancer misdiagnosis at Royal Darwin Hospital saw two women have breasts removed;


This was done so that powerful people could be protected, at the expense of the health and safety of the community.

In addition to systemic corruption, it shows the institutionalized racism in Australia, where a brown man is punished for daring to blow the whistle about a white man. There has not been any action on the white Australians who were clearly responsible for unrequired disfiguring operation which happened to at least two women.

Mr. Peter Styles, the former deputy chief minister of Northern Territory is the only person, who was unequivocal in taking affirmative action. Though the then director of health, NT, initiated an investigation, following the advice of Mr. Styles, the investigation did not continue due to a change in the government. Mr. Styles has advised me that his name can be made public in this regard.

I asked Prime Seven Media, staff member Mr. Josh Williams, who advised me to talk to Mr. Logan Crawford, himself. I am very grateful that Mr. Crawford and Prime Seven Media gave me time in the latter half of the interview to talk about the experience I had, so that this extremely serious issue could be brought into the open.

Please listen to the full interview on Spot Light TV for this news.

My complaint to ‘The Health Complaints Commission and their response attached. The response does not question the genuine-ness of the complaint, but completely glosses over it.

I do not give permission to reveal the identity of any person involved except Mr. Peter Styles’s and mine.

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The Dead Shall Teach The Living on Spotlight with Logan Crawford

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