The Conclusion of the Saudi International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition 2023

The Conclusion of the Saudi International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition 2023

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, October 17, 2023 / — The 5th Saudi International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition has concluded its activities, which extended over ten days, with an attendance exceeding 550,000 visitors, both from within and outside the kingdom.

Walid Al-Taweel, the official spokesperson for the Saudi Falcon Club, confirmed that the diversity of the exhibition activities was a major incentive for the increased turnout of citizens, residents, diplomats, and tourists. The exhibition encompassed everything related to falcon breeding, hunting, trips, and camping, amid the participation of governmental and public entities to introduce their roles, activities, achievements, and initiatives related to falconry and hobbies associated with it.

He pointed out the importance of the Saudi International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition, which has become a seasonal destination for falconry enthusiasts and a cultural and recreational destination for families. It has also become a significant economic tributary, contributing to highlighting its authentic legacy, and transmitting the traditional hobby and the renewable heritage to the coming generations.

Al-Taweel reported that the exhibition introduced activities and pavilions focused on enhancing the hobby of falconry, with a spotlight on related hobbies through more than 20 pavilions. These included a pavilion for displaying and selling firearms and air weapons as the first platform in the kingdom for selling weapons and ammunition, a pavilion for selling land and sea trip equipment and camping, a pavilion for modified cars and motorcycles, a pavilion dedicated to “Future Falconer” for children, and the digital Shalail Museum, which takes its visitors on an informative and educational journey in the world of falcons.

The club’s spokesperson added that the exhibition included a selection of falcon specialists, who came out with several recommendations aimed at protecting falcons and their hunting, educating societies to transfer this authentic heritage from generation to generation, encouraging and supporting the creation of falcon breeding and production centers, supporting scientific research and surveys that aim at revealing and describing infectious and non-infectious factors affecting falcons, and encouraging falconers to participate in falcon release programs.

He pointed out that the Saudi Falcon Club will launch the most prominent and largest event of its kind in the world during the coming November, the 6th edition of the King Abdulaziz Falcon Festival, which will be held from November 28 to December 14 of this year, with its Molawah and Mazayen competitions, targeting hundreds of falconers from various parts of the kingdom and the world.

Abdulrhman Alaabsi
Saudi Falcon Club
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